CUSTOM ARTWORK​Adapted for you!

In addition to my personal collection, I work on commission in the realization of pieces of art that can complement that space that means so much to you.

They are unique works not only because they are original but also because they are based on what inspires you.

Your personalized work, like all of them, will be hand-painted with a lot of love and dedication. A piece of art, in the right place, changes the entire energy of the place.

Choose features

You can choose the characteristics you want, Colors, shapes and much more. Minolle will apply his technique and style to achieve a great piece of art

Receive it at home

We send your personalized work home. Free shipping. Your work is packed safely so that it arrives in perfect condition at your hands

Send us a reference photo

The photos and ideas on your smartphone are perfect for making your work come true

Tell us how you would like your personalized work to be