An Engineer in Love with Photography: The Beginning of my Story

With an engineering background, my path could have been completely different. However, I found in photography a way to unleash my creativity and artistic expression. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion that has led me to explore and capture the world around me in unique ways.

The Inspiration of Modern Art and Sculpture in my Work

My love for modern art and sculpture is reflected in every image I capture. Shape, color and texture become crucial elements in my composition, allowing me to tell visual stories that go beyond the superficial. I look for art in everyday life, transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary through my lens.

The Fascination of Architecture: A Link Between Form and Function

As an architecture enthusiast, I find inspiration in the lines, shapes, and structures that make up our built environment. Each building tells a story, and I capture the interaction between architecture and its surroundings, revealing beauty that often goes unnoticed.

My Photographic Approach: Capturing the Essence of Moments and Places

My goal is to go beyond mere visual representation and capture the emotion, atmosphere and energy of every moment and place. I look for the connection between the elements, the interaction between light and shadow, and the atmosphere that defines each scene. Each photo is a canvas on which I paint with light and composition.

Traveling and Capturing the World: My Endless Photographic Adventure

Photography has taken me to faraway places and allowed me to experience diverse cultures. Every trip is an opportunity to explore new horizons and capture the essence of each destination through my unique lens.

A Deep Link with Abstract Painting and Sculpture

Abstract painting allows me to free my mind and capture emotions in each stroke. My works are a dance of color and shape, a window to individual interpretation. While in sculpture, I find the opportunity to bring matter to life, sculpting stories and revealing the essence of the materials.